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My name is Ellany Ipša. I have spent my whole life surrounded by dogs and have been active in cynology. I am veterinary technician by profession and an owner of ‘’Baranja’’ dog training club. I own a small Border collie breeding shop located in Mece, near Osijek (Croatia). Shepherd dogs are my great love. I have been looking for a beautiful, intelligent and active dog which is always ready for action, and so I’ve chosen a border collie. After many years of research and studying of the breed, in winter 2013, Bessy Dead See At Real Pearl came into my home.
Bessy has surpassed all my expectation and became my best friend. I have three other dogs: Bolt border collie), Siberian husky Ron and Rina, adopted Border collie type bitch. My intention is to have as many dogs as I will have time to devote to them. My dogs are equal members of my family; they live with me in the house and go everywhere with me. We like to attend dog shows, take trips, long walks, hiking and do different kinds of dos sports. We do all kinds of activities and go to various competitions like agility, dog-dancing, shows, obedience test and tricks. She is a quick learner with a stable temperament, perfect herding instinct and great will for work. She has thrilled audience and the judges with her performance in 2016th SuperTalent Show. You can read more about Bessy „here“.
My aim is to breed active, healthy and beautiful dogs with a great will to work, that will have a highly pronounced herding instinct, stable temperament, good hips and elbows, terrific results on dog shows and complete genetic tests.

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