Hyper Paw Every Time With Me

Hyper Paw Every Time With Me "KAN"

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DATUM ROĐENJA: 16.9.2018.
OTAC:  Multi Ch Multi JCh Grand Ch Int Ch Multi Ch Multi JCh Grand Ch Int Ch New Dream's Border Satisfaction "BOLT"
MAJKA: Multi Ch New Dream's Border What Else For Hyper Paw "BLOOM"
UZGAJIVAČ: Ellany Ipša
VLASNIK: Ellany Ipša
SUVLASNIK: Domagoj Vranić
BOJA: Crno-bijela
VISINA: 54 cm
TEŽINA: 22 kg

Aktivnosti i ispiti:


Dog show results:

Future Hope of Croatia
Puppy BIS 1
Croatia Junior Champion


HD: A, ED: 0, OCD: Free
DNA tests coming soon
ZUBALO: Potpuni škarasti zagriz


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