Hyper Paw Come Fly With Me Bunny

Basic information

DATE OF BIRTH: 18.3.2021.
FATHER:  Multi Ch Multi JCh Grand Ch Int Ch New Dream's Border Satisfaction
MOTHER: Ch Dead See At Real Pearl
BREEDER: Ellany Ipša
OWNER: Ellany Ipša
COLOR: Black and white
HEIGHT: 51 cm
WEIGHT: 17 kg



Dog show results:

Feature Hope Of Croatia


CEA, NCL,TNS, MDR1, IGS free by parents
Dentation: complete scissor bite


About Bunny

She is a puppy from our breeding, from the last litter of our Bessy. She was the only female in the litter, and it was time for Bessy, our first Border Collie, to have a successor before her well-deserved retirement.

Bunny is a true Border Collie - outdoors, she's quite active, motivated, highly devoted to her people, and obsessed with balls. After tasks and activities, she's calm and has an excellent switch off. She shows excellent herding instincts and is our right hand when it comes to helping with our few sheep from side to side. She's quite focused, fast, and accurate (we always say her dream life would be on a large farm far from civilization, where she would be a tireless worker). Besides, Bunny's favorite activity is bikejoring (pulling a bike), which she truly loves! She's incredibly fast with excellent stamina and a great desire to run.

Those who have been following us for a while probably remember her mother, Bessy, from the TV show SuperTalent, where she delighted the audience with her dog dancing performance. Additionally, Bessy competed in the toughest A3 agility discipline, winning numerous placements and running in the European Agility Championship. Bunny is following in her mother's footsteps, currently competing in the A1 agility category and has so far climbed to all podiums and also qualified for the European Agility Championship. Bunny passed the IGP-BH/VT official obedience test in early 2024 with a high score of 57/60.

Her father - our Bolt - has over 15 championships in dog shows, while his father - Bunny's grandfather - was crowned Crufts Winner at the prestigious and largest dog show in the world held annually in England. Her father Bolt also competes in agility and he is a licensed search and rescue dog for missing persons in forests and rubble.



Hyper Paw Come Fly With Me



Bunny's 1. birthday

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