E litter

Border Collie puppies

''E''  litter - 2022.

border collie štenci leglo 2022

Border Collie puppies - growing up and socializing

Puppies will be born and raised in the first month in the house to get habituated to different sounds, meet with various toys and objects. For the rest of the period, occasionally they will be going outside (in the yard) where they will meet the outside world, get used to different sounds from outside, get to know a lot of other animals and people, or socialize as well as possible.

Puppies will go to a new home from 8 weeks of age vaccinated, chipped, repeatedly cleaned of parasites, with health documentation, HKS pedigree, contract, and breeding guarantee. Each puppy will be gone to a new home with a "puppy" package (toy, leash, necklace, picture of the puppy, sweets…) to help in the first few days of the puppy's departure to a new home.

We expect future owners to work with dogs at least recreationally on some of the mental and physical activities - tricks, Agility, Dog Dancing, Flyball, S.A.R., obedience, and for dogs to be full members of the family. Owners are required to stay in touch with us after the dog's departure so that they can monitor its further development and will have our 24-hour support and answers to all questions.


border collie leglo 2022

New Dream's Border Satisfaction



Croatia Junior Champion, Serbia Junior Champion, Slovenija Junior Champion, Junior Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Junior Champion Republic of Serbia, Slovenija Junior Winner 2019., Crufts qualification 2020., EDS '19 Intermediate 2nd place, Croatia Champion, Serbia Champion, Slovenija Champion, Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Champion of Federation BiH, Champion of Republic Serbia Champion of Montenegro, Grand Champion of Croatia, Grand Champion of Montenegro, International Champion


HD: A,
ED: 0,
OCD: free
CEA, NCL, TNS, MDR1, IGS free by parents,
RS, SN DNA: Clear,
GLAUCOMA: negative,
Eye tests: CEA, RD, KAT, PRA, PHTVL / PHPV, PPM free (2020.)


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border collie leglo 2022

New Dream's Border What Else For Hyper Paw



Croatia Champion, Montenegro Champion


HD: A,
ED: 0,
OCD: free
CEA, NCL, TNS, MDR1, IGS free by parents


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More about puppies

On January 29, 2022, 6 puppies were born. Bloom is a caring mother, and she did a great part, and we could only enjoy it. We are very happy with the puppies, and we have four females and two males. Puppies are active and have an excellent appetite. This litter is special for us and we expect a lot from it - it will be our pleasure to follow their development.


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Gallery BLOOM

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