Borde Collie planned litter

G litter - We are planning for 2024. Year



(more information soon)

Puppies will be born and raised inside the house for the first month so they could get used to different sounds, see various toys and objects, and the rest of the time they will be out in the yard, where they will meet the outside world, get used to different sounds from nature, meet different animals and people, that is, socialize as much as they can.

Puppies will go to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and multiply cleansed from parasites, with medical documentation, HKS (Croatian Kennel Cub) birth certificate, contract, and breeders’ warranty. With every puppy, there will be a ‘’puppy package’’ containing a leash, collar, puppies’ photo, treats… as help in the first few days of moving into a new home.
We are looking for an active home for our puppies, where they will be treated as true members of the family, and from future owners, we expect to stay in contact with us so we could monitor e dog’s further development. All future owners will have our 24-hour support and answers to all questions.


We are also looking for co-owners for the most promising pup in this litter!

What's that mean?  The co-owner will get the most promising pup from the litter at a much lower price, the puppy-later adult dog will spend his life living with the co-owner as if not in co-ownership. The co-owner is expected to actively engage with the dog (as well as the owner) and to make his dog an indispensable member of the family. The only difference is that a few times the dog, in agreement with the owner, will be exhibited at the exhibition (in consultation with us the co-owner can exhibit it). If the dog is co-owned, it is mandatory to have one or two litters throughout life in our kennel with the agreed male (growing outside the Hyper Paw kennel is not allowed). The time of the litter will be in agreement with the co-owner, and if the dog is co-owned, the male in agreement with us will have several mating in life. Costs for raising litters, exhibitions and health tests will be paid by a kennel Hyper Paw.

If for some reason the dog does not develop in that direction we imagined and as such does not suit us for breeding (appearance, health, character) ownership is fully transferred to the co-owner and the dog continues to continue his life in the family. One of our wishes is that the dog in co-ownership is as close to us as possible (near Osijek) so that they can accompany it in development and deal with the presentation and raising of the litter. The reason for co-ownership is that we feel that every dog should have a happy and fulfilling life, and we have dogs as much as we have time to devote ourselves to them. The only difference of ownership is that the dog will be exhibited several times in exhibitions and have 1-2 litters/several Mating. We think it's a much better option than having too many dogs nobody deals with. Our dogs actively train agility, dog dancing, obedience and many others.

This is the life we want for their offspring, in order to grow as high-quality puppies as we can.

If you are interested in owning a puppy or have any additional questions feel free to contact me via E-mail:, mobile: +385 97 73 71 712 or Facebook:

I ask all prospected owners when contacting me to tell me something about themselves and their plans for the dog in the future!

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