New Dream's Border Satisfaction BOLT

Basic information

DATE OF BIRTH: 19.10.2017.
FATHER: Multi Ch Int Ch Tonkory Gold Digger At Huntly
MOTHER: Multi Ch Int Ch Jewel In The Crow
BREEDER: Martina Pagnin
OWNER: Ellany Ipša
COLOR: Black and white
HEIGHT: 53 cm
WEIGHT: 20 kg

Activiti and exams:

IBGH1 (1. Place)
S.A.R. (Search and Rescue of missing persons in forests and rubbles )
RH –T V (192/200 points search + obedience and obstacles)


Dog show results:

Croatia Junior Champion
Serbia Junior Champion
Slovenija Junior Champion
Junior Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Junior Champion Republic of Serbia
Slovenija Junior Winner 2019.
Crufts qualification 2020.
EDS '19 Intermediate 2nd place
Croatia Champion
Serbia Champion
Slovenija Champion
Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Champion of Federation BiH
Champion of Republic Serbia
Champion of Montenegro
Grand Champion of Croatia
Grand Champion of Montenegro
International Champion
EDS'21 Budapest: 3. place in open class
2x Crufts Qualfication (2020.)



ED: 0
OCD: free
CEA, NCL,TNS, MDR1, IGS free by parents
RS, SN, GG: Clear
Dentation: complete scissor bite.
Eyes: Clear (2020.)
Tricolor carrier

Bolt is available at stud for health tested bitches!

We have frozen semen available! (Worldwide shipping possible).


About BOLT

In our home arrived on Christmas Eve 2017. After several months of searching for the new puppy of border, I found everything I wanted in it.  It was love at first sight! He has a wonderful character! He's stable, he loves other dogs and people, he's endlessly playful and energetic-just like the border collie should be. He already has a perfect motivation and shows a great desire to work. As soon as he arrived, we began to do various exercises of obedience and tricks in which he reliably enjoys and absorbs them like a sponge, every exercise by performing lively, precise and fast with great joy. Already through a few walks, we have realized that it has a perfectly pronounced sheepdog instinct (very often taking the position of skipping) so we are looking forward to his first meeting with the sheep. We've got a lot of big plans for him! Besides the plan to go to a dog show in different countries, we are in the plan to actively train agility, dog dancing and take different exams in obedience just like our girl Bessy -because it is very important to us that our dogs have an active and fulfilling life.

Bolt has the perfect pedigree of beautiful lines! His parents are quite successful show dogs and multiple winners in different countries and also a beautiful character and appearance. When I first saw his dad Digger live in the International dogs show, I was amazed by his beautiful movement, perfect body, head and I don't have to mention that he was then (as in many dogs show) a winner in a fierce Competition and the winner of the group. Then I decided that once I had to have his pup, and to my great happiness, that wish was fulfilled.  A big thank you to the New Dream kennel on this beautiful pup.

Bolt's show results

CACIB Pecs17.3.2018. Baby ClassHarsanyi Peter (HU)Very promising 1
CACIB Pecs18.3.2018.Baby ClassLuis Catalan (PT)Very promising 1
CAC Osijek14.4.2018.Baby ClassJipping GeardedVery promising 1
CAC Đakovo15.4.2018.Baby ClassKlein Dagmar Very promising 1
CAC Slavonski Brod19.5.2018.Puppy ClassJadranka Smojver (HR)Very promising 1
CACIB Karlovac9.9.2018. Junior ClassKitty SjongJCAC, JBOB
CACIB Osijek16.9.2018.Junior ClassSiniša CujanJCAC, JBOB
CACIB Bačka Topola30.9.2018.Junior ClassNagy IstvanJCAC, JBOB, BOB
CAC Bačka Palanka21.10.2018.Junior ClassDemetris ChristodoulouJCAC, JBOB, BOB, JBIS III & BOG I
CAC Bjelovar27.10.2018.Junior ClassJCAC, JBOB, BOB, BOG 3
CACIB Celje19.1.2019.Junior ClassMalgorzata Weremiejczyk-WerzchJCAC, JBOB , SLovenia Junior Winner
CACIB Celje20.1.2019.Junior ClassJose Homem De Mello (PT)JCAC, JBOB, Crufts qualification 2020.
CACIB Banja Luka 23.3.2019.Junior ClassOlga GrinEx1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB
CACIB Banja Luka24.3.2019.Junior ClassSenashenko EkaterinaEX1, JCAC
CAC Pecs7.4.2019.IntermediateStefan SinkoEX1, CAC
CAC Đakovo13.4.2019.IntermediateSmojver Sleimovič JadankaEX1, CAC, BOS
CAC Osijek14.4.2019.IntermediateKardoš VilmošEX1, CAC, BOB, BOG1
CACIB Maribor20.4.2019.IntermediateKatja KrajncEX1, CAC, rCACIB
CACIB Pohorje21.4.2019.IntermediateJadranka MijatovićEX1, CAC
CAC Donji Miholjac26.5.2019.IntermediateUrošević MilivojEX1, CAC, BOB,BOG2
Euro Dog Show 2019. -Wels 15.6.2019.IntermediateEX2, rCAC
CACIB Osijek14.9.2019.IntermediateVibor JežekEX1, CAC, rCACIB
CACIB Bačka Topola21.9.2019.IntermediateBiro RichterEX1, CAC, rCACIB
CACIB Novi Sad29.9.2019.IntermediateMirsad ŠabanovićEX1, CAC, CACIb, BOB
CAC Tuzla5.10.2019
IntermediateDušan PaunovićEX1, CAC, BOB, BOG1
CACIB Tuzla5.10.2019.IntermediateTorsten LemmerEX1, CAC, CACIB,BOB, BOG1
CAC Gradačac6.10.2019.IntermediateDamir ŠerakEX1,CAC, BOB, BOG2
CACIB Gradačac6.10.2019.IntermediateJadranka Smojver SelimovićEX1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 3
CACIB Slovenian Derby Winner Show I18.10.2019.IntermediateMlagorzata SupronowiczEX1, CAC, rCACIB
CACIB Slovanian Derby Winner Show II19.10.2019.IntermediateAnna AlbrigoEx1, CAC
Special Show For FCI I Celje19.10.2019.IntermediateLidija OkleščenEX1, CAC
CACIB Slovenian Derby Winner Show III20.10.2019.Open ClassZlatko KraljićEX1, CAC, rCACIB
Special Show for British Sheepdog Zagreb22.11.2019.Champion ClassFrank KaneEX1, CAC, CW, BOS
CACIB Zagreb23.11.2019.Champion ClassFriedrich Peter (DE)EX1, CAC, CACIB, BOS


New Dream's Border Satisfaction -Pedigree



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S.A.R. trainings - New Dream's Border Satisfaction BOLT

S.A.R. training

S.A.R. training

New Dream's Border Satisfaction BOLT  -16 months old

5,5 months old

3 months old


12.5.2019.-Agility A0 1. place.

Agility dog

22.4.2018.-Successfully passed the education and socialization exam in KOSSP ZG with 59,5/60 points. For the exam, we prepared ourselves.

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